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    Mule Tactical Glock Stock may as well have it in your ruck...Slowest transition to secondary ever.....
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    Howdy from the south!

    Great intro! Welcome to our little piece of heaven. Re-apply 1 FEB if you aim to bed down here; we openly welcome our brothers in arms.
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    Shaving is fucking expensive..

    +1 for both $SC and DE razors. Either route, I suggest investing in a cup/bowl and brush. I bought a bunch of samples from and love their menthol blended pucks. Give you a nice kick in the teeth and feels like sticking your face in the freezer on a hot day. Note: I am...
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    [Kickstarter] Into the Stars (From two former DiCE Devs)

    Star Citizen is bringing attention to space as a viable gaming environment. The more the merrier.
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    Phantom Dog Tags

    evidently you can cheese the elevator with an eod bot or mav. ive spent 4+ hrs looking for tags and not only is it boring as shit, but "aint nobody got time fo dat." 4 people with the different tags are still required to get the elevator to work.
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    What's current in subwoofers and anyone done a pt cruiser before?

    Its been 8 years since I have even looked at after-market car audio. I think that looks clean and functional. Perhaps a bit "beats by dre"-ish with the bass focus. I used to whore myself out to JL back in the day. Had a custom fiberglass hatch box with three JL 10"s in my RX-7.....feels like...
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    Acrylic water cooling build-FINISHED!

    Awesome, thanks man. Watching their video now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Acrylic water cooling build-FINISHED!

    Hey six, what reservoir is that? My XSPC x20 750v4 may be dying and I am browsing upgrades. Edit: Is it this Primochill res/pump combo?
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    I am happy the people stood up for themselves, however, do not rest on your laurels. We have 2 years of a lame duck POTUS who has been left high and dry by his Blue buddies and frankly, the damage he could manage in that time could be irreparable. Keep your head on a swivel.
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    A US Marine in His Uncap

    This Marine is taking his BF4 tactics to the real battlefield. His BF4 experience has taught him that the best way to maintain his K/D is to UCAV from his uncap. Buuuuuzzzzzzzzzz...."MEGAKILL!" *Note* This appears to be a promotional shot. Not likely an active duty Marine, M4 receiver trades...
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    Good Movies.

    Black Hawk Down - so many stars before they were big. One of my all time favorites that helped influence my decision to go Army Infantry. Note: I do not endorse channeling your inner Eric Bana (Sgt. Hooten) to your CO - "Well this's my safety sir"
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    Anyone playing Destiny?

    It's awesome! Just finished Venus story line last night, loving the Titan. The Strike missions can be pretty intense, but are a blast if able to find some decent folks to join your fire team. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Anyone playing Destiny?

    Any other TBG fokkers playing Destiny. I am on the XBONE, send me a PM to exchange gamertags.
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    Battlefield 4: Final Stand Reveal

    I don't recall, however it was available to all kits in CTE. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk