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TBG Founder
Jan 2, 2008
What is TBG's history? How did TBG form?

TBG (True Born Gaming) was established on January 1st, 2008. Prior to TBG it was called Steel Rain Gaming ( SR was originally a gunship group in Battlefield 2142. We definitely owned the skies in that game for years, until the game's death. We had multiple TWL gunship teams and won almost every single match in 2vs2 gunship battles . Our teams finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd. We were banned on many 2142 servers for being very good which forced us to start our own little community and server, opening our doors to everyone (regardless how good of a player you were). Unfortunately, we ran into into many issues with SR. We had 6 founders and it was very difficult trying to work things out with 1 of the founders. The 5 founders were very open and reasonable while the one individual wanted to go one direction without seeing the negative repercussions. Long story short, this individual was starting up avoidable issues, fighting for sole direction of the community, disagreeing about logical things (such as proof of cheating before a banning a player) and was not willing to communicate with the other founders or members. As a result, two of the founders were "booted/willingly left" to start on a new adventure. Turns out that second founder decided to not continue with the new community which just left only one founder.

Eventually the other remaining founders made their way over here along with some core guys (some are still here with us after so many years). We discussed on a 8 man ventrilo the new name and fundamental principles of the new community: TBG was suggested as a name and accepted. During the early birth of TBG, we ran into another issue here when one of the founders that migrated over started to become unreachable and had sole access to our funds using it for his own personal use. This was unacceptable, did not represent the community and it was huge blow but with the determination from the remaining founders and core members we reinvested the funds back into the community to keep it alive.

TBG has had ups and some downs but these were growing pains. We once went from one small 32 man BF2142 server that didn't even belong to us to hosting many different servers and have a large community and growing ever since.
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