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  • MATT I was banned for reciting a line from apocalypse now Robert Duval says "SCARES THE HELL OUTTA THE G**** I was finishing a sentence from another player who said vagner I was trying to enable the "FLIGHT OF THE VALKYRIE EASTER EGG ITS KEWL it was innocent unintentional and not directed at anyone I play all the time and never cause trouble etc and I go to an Asian church there are only 5 whites in it lol thanks
    Hey Matt, I just have a quick question. I recently asked to join your discord and become a member of TBG. I admit in my application that I hacked COD Black Ops 2 for co-op and single player and received a VAC ban on steam, but I was denied to join the discord for this reason. I decided to be honest because you would look me up regardless, so why should I hide/lie about it?
    Evening Matt is there anyway I can get my ban removed I made a mistake using a slur I have never caused issues on your severs I play the game to past the time since wife died 3 years ago my friends on your sever the only Silk Road in the US I really miss playing 100's hours I made mistake I truly regret My mates will vouch I dont use slurs during 7k games It just isnt me@60 yrs old I respect people online Sandbag08
    Hello Matt, I am known as “RandomPOTUS”. I am truly sorry to anyone i may have insulted in the game of 17:08 (et) on the 22 of april. I got banned for explaining the reason why somebody got banned, whitch in the case, was addicted. He got banned for racial slurs, and i tried to explain how he got banned. I will take your decision respectfully,
    Thank you,
    Done, in the future please dont retype what someone else does. Cheers
    I am just so used to the others that forget, I forget like a minute ago with the explosive round shotgun. Just don't want anyone thinking I do it intentionally.
    Hello Matt, my name is Karen, I think you might remember me as "Nexexe" on your forums. I know I was banned for racial bs... and I respect you for banning me for my words spoke that night. I'm truly sorry for every thing I said, I know I was totally wrong for saying it. I guess it was pretty bad. I'm truly sorry, and hope some day to be unbanned from your servers of which I had played for years, without problems.
    I was stat banned a few months ago on BF3 and made a post on the banned forums but admin never got back to me, anything I can do?

    Btw TBG members claiming to be ban managers were on dice servers on BF1 talking shit and unironically threatening to ban on TBG servers if anyone talked back, kinda scummy. Got screens if you want.
    LMAO! I was totally wasted that night when I was lippy and said all that... No big deal, "TBG" is too much of a PC/Politically Correct server for me anyways.. Have fun with yourselves... Sooner or later, that's all you will have is yourselves.. lmao!

    Anyway, I suck as a mother, I should learn some manners one of these days...will you help and teach me?
    I have played on TBG for years.. without ever being in trouble or banned. I was apparently recently banned without a reason behind the ban? Can you please PM me as to why I was banned all of a sudden? I am a little confused as to why... :(
    Matt are you a intel guy or a AMD guy ?
    Amd because it's cheaper and still gives me good performance. But in terms of raw speed intel for sure.
    me to AMD , i now have about $3.000 in my "budget" build from 2013 ..... I have over hauled this system twice now . If you can make it till 2020 , that would be the year to start a new build . Trust me the AM4 boards will be a lot better in 2020 .
    Something happened with your adminship and it is very serious, one of them has been harrasing my stream then banned me for a absolutely ludicrous reason for "linked Diapers". Something needs to be done about this.
    yes i play cod but i only have the 1st bo and no xbox live culd someone hit me up with some xbox live
    I got banned for fucking around and typing a nig. i will donate if you life the ban.. Hit me up
    Hey sorry to bug you, im unable to join your server now it says you lost connection to the session and was wondering how to fix it.
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