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    Request Discord Access Here - ACTIVE

    Required Info Age: 32 Reason you are requesting the info: Been on medical hiatus and it was teamspeak prior to this. Is this regarding a Ban Appeal? No Optional Info In Game/Service Name: We'll burn that bridge when we get to it
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    squirrel17404p from TBG needs help!

    Hey man, don't know if you remember me from back in the day but it's good to hear you're still around. Short story, I had laryngeal cancer for almost a year, still do since its inoperable. taken down to workable size and i'm now in remission even though its still in me. Cancer blows and not a...
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    Six, I've got a friend who does badass bio mechanical tats. If you're ever near South Carolina or Phoenix ill get you his contact info. I've got 6 tattoos, all easily hidden with a uniform (mostly) Insides of arms only thing that is visible in short sleeve shirts. Both shoulders, back, outside...
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    New Dice Game!

    Noooooo! Come on balls, rumor mill says they'll have a mighty weapon called the Pilum. Its an anti-material weapon but you can use it on people. Just like the M82
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    New Dice Game!

    I'd play the shit out of that game.
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    In the Ozark Nat'l Forest now... Finally

    If it wasnt so cold here id try Mud. My dog got sprayed by a skunk and let her rock out in the mud for a whole day. She got the funk off herself, alone. If you ever make it down to Hot Springs let me know, Ill get you beer. This state isnt so bad for decompression, if you need crap from the...
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    Post your ride.

    Daily driver Work-mobiles. The Boo Boo Bus and the ROFL-Copter
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    Price appraisal on my rig?

    Chairforce. Beat you to it.
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    Price appraisal on my rig?

    E6 here. A laptop will never be as badass as a tower but haters gonna hate. I'm currently on an ASUS ROG Laptop. Love it. Works great and is still portable. Yes its heavy. If you can do PT then you can pick a damn laptop up.
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    Take this damn snow back to NY
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    netflix vs. hulu plus

    Netflix alone. Work keeps me away from home and when I'm there I usually just sleep and eat before the next shift. It works fine. Good selection and they change out the shows from time to time. Hulu is ok, have a co-worker that has it. Seems alright. Amazon prime seems badass but it lacks...
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    Yeah I'm home, pretty close to end of contract so Ill be free again. I paid my buck o' five. I ordered the Plantronics 780 and since I have super shitty Insignia that decides when it does and doesn't want to ACTUALLY MOVE AND THEN GET ME KILLED!, I bought a Logitech G700S mouse.
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    Ordered. Thanks guys, in case you forgot or didn't meet me prior, I am far from tech savvy.
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    I'm sure almost all of you already have a good headset. I went all super cheap and bought a POS Insignia and well I got what I paid for. Thing barely works. Any suggestions on a particular manufacturer or model? Links would be appreciated.