1. SexxiBatman

    Help With Insurgency

    So Today I get on to do my usual Insurgency games on your guy's server which I love because its one of the only servers with a kill feed & it doesn't show up in my history or on the regular server list. I checked your guys website to make sure it just wasn't down restarted my game a few times...
  2. S

    Rank command is gone.

    To whom it may concern, The rank command is gone which is half the reason I play on the TGB server in Insurgency. We need that back. If you guys need a programmer to handle it I can take care of it. Thanks, Shrimp Hands
  3. L

    Insurgency Hacker Caught & Interview (sorry for mic audio)

    At least he admitted to it, props to him for that. My mic audio messed up, sorry about that. Anyways, i was in a TBG skirmish lobby when i noticed this guy on 10/8/17. He is clearly toggling and wall hacking. His steam account: His steam ID...
  4. AkH Prevent [Alt]

    Some GameME Suggestions for Insurgency Servers

    I noticed that weapons have modifiers on them, meaning that more difficult weapons earn you more points than more powerful ones. And that's cool. But I have a couple suggestions... IED/C4: Right now, the frag grenades and IED's have their modifiers set to 3.0. I think that's fine for the...
  5. ChromeLightsaber

    INSURGENCY-needs player kick vote..

    INSURGENCY-needs player kick vote with less needed to be a success. I don't know if it's a number, or a percent, what ever it is, I'm getting several requests that it be easier to kick a player because an ADMIN in INSURGENCY is so rare.
  6. Bob S.

    TBG BIF (beer if forward) Feeler

    Hello and thanks for taking a look at the thread. I am relatively new to the group (6 months or so) but I've fallen in love with the insurgency servers and can only look forward to more interaction with you all. That being said, other than gaming I have a bit of a hobby (addiction) in craft...
  7. jollygreendino

    What's the Haps TBG?

    Hey TBG! I'm Alex/jollygreendino. I learned about TBG from eXodus, who I play with frequently on the Insurgency servers. I thought that he was a really nice guy and he said the same of the whole group, so I decided to take the plunge and sign up as a trial member! Everyone has been really nice...
  8. Mr.Rain

    Insurgency Server Request

    Hey guys, I'm glad that you're hosting a Skirmish server and it's very active lately. I just want to ask why is the kick vote removed from the server? I can understand why but at the same time, it does get annoying seeing people either being afk for multiple rounds, or just out-right trolling...