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    Hell yes!

    congrats! what about jobs and stuff? the economy isn't looking great
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    Almost got thrown in jail!!!!

    there is probably one in the urinal, lol
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    Japans Nuclear Crisis and ours

    Nuclear Power Plants - Japan I'd say they put more on the west coast? it just happened that the ones built on the east are one of the first nuclear power plants placed in Japan. The reason why many nuclear power plant are placed next to a large body of water is for heat exchange.
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    Japans Nuclear Crisis and ours

    People in japan are not stupid, their building are subjected to the most strict building construction codes in the world, knowing that they are building them along the fault line. The point in Japan now is bigger than nuclear power plant, it only seem big because that's all the media talks...
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    Japans Nuclear Crisis and ours

    From a nuclear engineer point of view, many reasons why Japan need nuclear power plants. For one, they lack natural resource that bigger countries such as US or China have within their country, because of the landmass, the numbers of dams are also limited in Japan, only alternative option is...
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    DOD Payday $

    just wait till next Thursday..
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    naa this version is so much better! YouTube - Death Metal Friday <iframe title="YouTube video player" width="480" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    Im in Idaho, so it should be pretty laid back
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    Permit for reloading? never heard of it. I'm reloading for myself, and I'm not selling the reloaded ammo, thus not liable, I'm pretty sure I don't need a permit.
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    Well, ever since I brought the 22 on Oct 28 last year, I've been hooked in guns, it's so fun to shoot that I brought a 9mm. Now I'm running into the problem of the cost of ammunition, I've heard lots of people reload their own ammo, which is fine, I'm thinking of doing the same. Although...
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    KombatNife caught on FRAPS

    i got a boner for myself too
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    AMD Radeon HD 6990 / GeForce GTX 590

    so are we buying a computer or part of computer?
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    Anything else available?

    I looked at that option as well, however there are few shortcomings The primary purpose of the 92 is for target shooting, I'm not sure if the laser is against the rules during competition, and even if the laser were to work, it's limited to 5 mw, during a bright day, you can't see that at all...
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    Buying a Mac

    Don't get a mac just because your friend have one.... think them as tards that likes to waste money....