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  • Hey FAST I was banned by bf4db. I provided them with proof that it wasn't me. . They told me to link you to the topic http://bf4db.com/forum/bigweewee-213?page=1 and ask to be whitelisted on your servers. If you cant I understand & If you would I would be greatfull. I dont cheat bro I promise you that. Thanks for your time...Cracker_Dawg+
    When people report a potential cheater shouldn't the post go into a Private forum, and not our TBG Private forum?
    Fast, can I please get admin status on the servers? I play on servers and at hours that others don't always, and it would be nice to be able to admin some of them.
    Fast, maybe there needs to be an Urban server if the Dragons Teeth maps live up to that billing. Carrier Assault and Close Urban Battles seem at odds.
    Mustang set the bar today, to bad you too didn't take his example too? Its obvious you kicked for room too then>?There is too much of an age difference with the kiddies in this group.I had already gone to Ts to discuss this with one of your head admins there, things were explained by a reasonable person that listened
    Can you look through stats and get rid of some of the shady fucks please? There's a few already.
    Hello, I got banned a few days ago the administrator TcRENNO explained it: (Appeal denied! You have almost 80% headshots in our server. You were sitting in the base raping with an assault rifle.
    And to top it all off you have priors bans in BC2. Hack elsewhere!)
    Try to understand me 80% of headshots is not evidence. Any yours anti cheating system detected some anomaly in the game when I played? you can not motivate with this, I was just lucky. I need any paperwork or codes of proving my guilt it's honestly. I can not believe you just because you thought that it is unrealistic.
    The kicked reason is: (Game disconnected: you were kicked by PunkBuster. Stated reason: PunkBuster permanent ban issued on this Game Server for????)
    I was contacted with Evenbalance and PunkBuster admin my GIDE is clean how you can motivate it : (PunkBuster permanent ban issued on this Game) if they don't known nothing about this ban?
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