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  • Hello, I got banned a few days ago the administrator TcRENNO explained it: (Appeal denied! You have almost 80% headshots in our server. You were sitting in the base raping with an assault rifle.
    And to top it all off you have priors bans in BC2. Hack elsewhere!)
    Try to understand me 80% of headshots is not evidence. Any yours anti cheating system detected some anomaly in the game when I played? you can not motivate with this, I was just lucky. I need any paperwork or codes of proving my guilt it's honestly. I can not believe you just because you thought that it is unrealistic.
    The kicked reason is: (Game disconnected: you were kicked by PunkBuster. Stated reason: PunkBuster permanent ban issued on this Game Server for????)
    I was contacted with Evenbalance and PunkBuster admin my GIDE is clean how you can motivate it : (PunkBuster permanent ban issued on this Game) if they don't known nothing about this ban?
    Hey FAST in case you have not already been told here is how to get the FAMAS. You have to complete the Best Friend Forever Assignment. I guess you are rarely a medic :).

    Hey Fast,
    It is fine to change the name bonejacker to hydrohybrid for the forum. I understand how having multiple names can get confusing for people. The change won't affect any posts i made or my join date or anything correct? I will still be bonejacker in bf2 as I am registered under that name and don't want to give up the rank of lt. col. Will you guys be bringing back the bf2 infantry only server? I was 10th on that server when it was removed just wondering.
    And if you could just let me know when you have made the change thx,
    Hey Fast I've just noticed that the welcome message in the City Maps I/O says 'welcome to TBGClan.com's RUSH server'. Just letting you know bud
    Hey you got something turned off where it always says your offline and it never shows you viewed a thread....lurker:)
    I'll talk to you on Teamspeak later.

    I pinged the IP you said to and posted my results. Twice now, in fact--at peak network load and at off-hours load. I've not played on NBG servers because I've not played BC2 since that was posted. When I do next play, I'll try NBG.
    do you have a link to the new patch and how big is it? i downloaded one that is 1.95gb
    did bf2142 change back to the old 1.50
    Hey Fast I Need some help getting the Ventrilo Chat to work i have it downloaded but when ever i go to the IP Address it wont let me join ?
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    just fighting commander

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    weird sentry placement, it seems like it's firing from titan crate, even tho titan is locked, not sure where placed it, even the sneakiest placement of sentry, I tend to find usually..
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