BF5 - New Patch


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Sep 29, 2008
Nope. All shit. They've nerfed the panzer rocket and anti=tank grenade-even though it explodes on contact now it does less damage. They've extended the range and damage of AA's so they span across the tiny maps. Bombers are useless now as you drop them, reload and have a cool down time of what a couple of minutes?

I'm shocked they didn't nerf anti-tank mines too. BF constantly caters to the lowest common denominator. Instead of getting in a fighter and killing the bombers, the BF community complains they want stronger AA...really?

All in all it's starting to reek of BF1 where players refuse to learn how to play the game and want the same shit in every series the same way it was before. Notice the assault class is all but useless on tanks now because everyone complained their tanks got shot up to quickly. Do you know how many idiots I've killed in tanks by dropping mines behind the tank and shooting the mines with a a panzerfaust? These douches think it's just a one shot kill :(

Edit: and they've nerfed the emplaced howitzers also. It was 3 hits and done for a tank now you get a max damage of 39 but most likely it's in the mid 20s so it usually takes 4 hits and they've lengthened the reload with a stupid these are for shit now too.
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