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  • Whats up man, been drinking and said some stuff i wasnt supposed to say on the server, I really love this server TBG clan operation locker no restrictions, ive been playing on this server for like 1 year and today i fucked up... would be awesome if you would let me back on. My Sincerest appologies.
    Sir I sent in a donation it will come from Janssen Enterprises I only have a business Paypal account so if this not a problem I will let it ride . Thank you for your time . Droopy
    I got banned ,,, meant to type nub ... i typed nig. i will donate if you lift the ban.. Hit me up
    Been away for a long time will try to catch up on donations. Hope you and all TBG has been good. Thanks. Roy
    Hey, I dont know if there's a private message system here, but I'd like to talk to you about something. No, it's not a ban appeal.
    I'm trying to figure out how to get on your sites with Team Speak 3. I assume there are passwords but don't know how to find them. I'm pretty dense about these things but do enjoy your BF4 sites.
    Hi Soulzz, I have been watching and listening to senior Admins discussions of killing, kicking and banning for the last month and I understand the idea of of being an Admin with full Admin rights. I would like to request the full Admin privilege now. Thank you very much
    Dave B
    Just checking that you received my October donation. I believe I mailed it on October 2nd. I didn't notice my name listed in the donation list on the webpage. However I could have missed it.
    I had to re-install my O/S and all the other crap. I just noticed that I don't have the TBG Admin symbol in Team Speak. Can you or someone else fix it please?
    Hey i out a post up for your TS ip, an i was told to check my PMs but i can not find the PM box, can yu help?
    I don't know what made you change your Avatar. Part of me wants to yell at you and the other part says, no... keep it... Sting will serve him well...
    I am a moderator from and we have setup a link at the top of the forum site page that list MY LAST POST. This is extremely helpful for newer members to check back on their request. Instead of tracking all over the forum site trying to locate answers to their request, this takes them right to their last post. This searching for answers to request is very time consuming and frustrating to say the least for new members. The new link posted right at the top of the forum title bar area was a great advancement to our forum and helps new members feel much more comfortable to navigating the maze of a busy forum. Our forum is a replica of your own and I'm sure the link can be installed for all to use. You will see it helps answer many questions that new members ask about locating their post. Thanks
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