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  • I used to be on the VIP list for TBG Lockers all explosives. Now I am not. I donate every month. Can I get back? :D
    Nevermind I was connecting to the wrong server :D
    Whats up man, been drinking and said some stuff i wasnt supposed to say on the server, I really love this server TBG clan operation locker no restrictions, ive been playing on this server for like 1 year and today i fucked up... would be awesome if you would let me back on. My Sincerest appologies.
    Sir I sent in a donation it will come from Janssen Enterprises I only have a business Paypal account so if this not a problem I will let it ride . Thank you for your time . Droopy
    I got banned ,,, meant to type nub ... i typed nig. i will donate if you lift the ban.. Hit me up
    Been away for a long time will try to catch up on donations. Hope you and all TBG has been good. Thanks. Roy
    Hey, I dont know if there's a private message system here, but I'd like to talk to you about something. No, it's not a ban appeal.
    I'm trying to figure out how to get on your sites with Team Speak 3. I assume there are passwords but don't know how to find them. I'm pretty dense about these things but do enjoy your BF4 sites.
    Hi Soulzz, I have been watching and listening to senior Admins discussions of killing, kicking and banning for the last month and I understand the idea of of being an Admin with full Admin rights. I would like to request the full Admin privilege now. Thank you very much
    Dave B
    Just checking that you received my October donation. I believe I mailed it on October 2nd. I didn't notice my name listed in the donation list on the webpage. However I could have missed it.
    I had to re-install my O/S and all the other crap. I just noticed that I don't have the TBG Admin symbol in Team Speak. Can you or someone else fix it please?
    Hey i out a post up for your TS ip, an i was told to check my PMs but i can not find the PM box, can yu help?
    I don't know what made you change your Avatar. Part of me wants to yell at you and the other part says, no... keep it... Sting will serve him well...
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