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  • I am a moderator from and we have setup a link at the top of the forum site page that list MY LAST POST. This is extremely helpful for newer members to check back on their request. Instead of tracking all over the forum site trying to locate answers to their request, this takes them right to their last post. This searching for answers to request is very time consuming and frustrating to say the least for new members. The new link posted right at the top of the forum title bar area was a great advancement to our forum and helps new members feel much more comfortable to navigating the maze of a busy forum. Our forum is a replica of your own and I'm sure the link can be installed for all to use. You will see it helps answer many questions that new members ask about locating their post. Thanks
    hello there
    Soulzz ..... For some reason i am not being able to log into any of the TBG servers since you added me to your reserve list. Could you plz hook me back up again?
    how do i go about getting unbanned if i dont know who or when or why i was banned?
    why do i get the feeling that i have pissed you off i was going to tell u that i heard your new pod cast and that is why i downloaded world of tanks and it is not bad

    probably not. how is it? What's the general vibe among people?
    The reviews on amazon look pretty bad...
    Hello man been a while since I seen you guys ive been in the hospital for 4 months lost the use of my legs after a 40 year battle with agent orange, I would like to apologize to you an your clan mates for my abrupt exit, i was systemic? in other words the poison in my legs went to my heart almost killed me. Im askin for a second chance to play the best dam server group around. of course i made my donations as usual. I love this clan
    you here? I have a player that is headshotting EVERYONE and when I try to run his stats I get a crazy message... the player is on the ISLA server and his name is l<TRON>l. Says there is a script or something that is dangerous to the FPSTools page.
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