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  • The ingame rules say no C4 roofing , but in here it doesn't say that.

    BS6749 continually does it. I have video of him this mornning, it is encoding let me know if you want it.
    we have a kid named pcload letter that i cant kick on server..all titan maps...can u help out?
    You have another hacker in Karkand supersniper19840. it appears he has at least 7 banned keys.

    He is killing players with one shot.
    Ok. Soulzz. I read all the forums required. One question came to mind. I have already gotten the gold, but I was wondering if we go to a 'knife' server is that considered 'stat padding'?

    Thanks again for accepting me as a member. I really like the community.

    What's the password to vent I reformatted my comp and I don't remember my old pass to vent and everything
    if your not too busy we have a dude in Atacama name is Markl328 , he been baseraping past three games, I have asked him to stop he laughs if u could monitor chat for a few minutes i can let you know who else there were 2 of em
    Hey, I was wondering if you could help me out with some Killing Floor admin stuff
    Heya Soulzz, Hey man I play on the new TBG Atacama 24/7 server alot now since it's my favorite map. I see a lot of ppl breaking the rules (like right now witnessing a squad member of mine raping the enemy main). I've asked Fast to kick and eventually ban repeat offenders on there a couple of times so far. At the moment nobody is on that can kick/ban.

    Is is possible for me to be able to kick/warn ppl on there? I'm pretty sure to expect to wait until I become a full member I guess.

    On a side note.. I still don't have a job but am interviewing at a lot of places.. today my car gets fixed and smog tested. I hope something comes through soon. Anyways, hope things are going well for you.

    Not gonna be able to donate this month + moving back to NY, so I'll be out for the next week or so also. How is everything?
    Thanks for that info, they were not able to help me since we run a mod on our servers. He said they do stock only.
    Hello Soulzz, how you doing? :)

    I was wundering if I could come onto your vent, if you need an account or anything I mean? :)


    - Dave ;D
    Thanks for the info. I will probably just wait for release. Kinda pisses me off gamestop wont give me a key since I preordered from in store.
    I heard that you guys might have extra beta keys for BC2? If so, I'm VERY interested in one! Let me know! Thanks!
    I am using it, although I preordered the game x2 now so I should be good in beta key department. :-) I was hopping to get extra key outta them too for y'all or something. But sure you can use it any time you want.
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