1. Cowbell Kevin

    Battlefield Calendar Link

    Here is the link to check for the current special dogtags that DICE is giving out. This week it is WINNING 3 Operations matches...
  2. MEAT

    Time to Post your Epic BF1 Moments! ill start it out with mine.
  3. C

    Fan is loud even after closing BF1

    Hey guys, When I run BF1 my fan gets loud. I understand this, the machine is working hard. But even after BF1 has been closed for 8 hours, the fan is still going full blast. If I reboot, it slows a bit. If I reboot again, it returns to normal and is nearly silent. The only application I...
  4. KMA

    Thank You and Hello

    KMA checking in from Nova Scotia, Canada. I'm not sure of the age range here but i'm 39. Nice site. Thank you to TBG and supporters for providing servers to play on!
  5. Graphic-J

    BF:1 - My "Pre- Alpha" gameplay analysis

    Hey everyone. Just thought that I'd share this. So this is what I think of the "Pre-Alpha" gameplay. But Seriously... before I start... this is hardly Pre-Alpha. More like Beta by a stretch as it looks like a stable build. If it were Pre-Alpha you'd see tons of placeholder images all over the...