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  • Hello Meat. my clan , Precision (pRc) is interested in setting up casual , non-competitive scrims under BF4. I'm representing pRc only and I'm hoping to stir some interest from you and your contingent to join us on the occasional Sunday. I've applied for my TS password and hope to meet some of your members personally very soon. Any thoughts please?
    This is JoRox. I was playing Isla Squad Deathmatch and dominating the game. I had around 30 kills and the closest to me was about 8. Then I was kicked from the game with no explanation. It just said you have been kicked from the game. Just wondering why I was kicked? I hope it's not because I was so far ahead? The server was not full so it wasn't to make room for VIP's. Please respond. Thank you.
    Hi, tc meat, im willbest an ive been ban, for i dont know the reason. Can you help. Thanks
    My question was anyone seen madman17230
    I normally dont whine much but this is the first timed I have ever been BANED for somtehing I never did. Ihave been playing online games for 15 years and never team killed anybody on purpose. And I think it pretty shitty to ban people on a server
    for something they never did.

    User name is Slice&Dice

    Sorry Bud I did not know who to tell so I picked the first guy I found that was a member

    I'm would like to tell the people that runs your server. If you guys wnat to unban me fine if not that kool too. I just wanted to tell you guys its pretty shitty to ban people for something they never did wrong.

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