1. E

    [BF4] i have few suggestions that might also be more helpful

    hello my name is Emeraldscout so basically i got banned from a server in bf4 that belongs to the TBGclan the story of how i got banned is pretty short messing around with friends a bit talking on chat throwing that one n word accidentally when you go bit far with the jokes and boom banned...
  2. E

    Help - Instakicked TBG [90hz] Operation Locker

    Hi There, Wondering if someone could please look into why I am being auto kicked within 5 seconds from the server, I have no issues with any of the other servers but Operation Locker one seems to kick me within 10 seconds of joining/deploying. As you can see i've also added a photo where im...
  3. P

    Reporting a Player

    User name: Pvt_Carney What is your in-game alias? Pvt_Carney What is the game server name? ! [TBG] 60HZ | BF2 & BF3 MAPS + SILK | JOIN US - Which Game is this for? BF4 Date and time approximately: 2/22/2021 @12:50am Which player are you reporting? Alteredacer...
  4. 0

    Evidence? None needed to get you banned.

    You have control of the population in the servers, you would ban without evidence. I agree. Let me know what you think.
  5. M

    Getting kicked in the Air & Water server

    Just wondering why i keep getting kicked, if its something i did please let me know. Its not HC so i didn't TK, maybe i killed an admin and he got poopoo in his pants. Just let me know
  6. B

    Keep getting kicked from AIR MAPS NO LAG for seemingly no reason.

    Lately I keep getting kicked by an admin for seemingly no reason in Battlefield 4. The server is AIR MAPS NO LAG. I'm not sure if I've been breaking the rules somehow...? I've literally just been playing the game normally and then suddenly get kicked. I just wanna be able to play a full game...

    Getting kicked repeatedly

    Hey I'm new to your bf4 servers and for the most part I've been having a blast but I keep getting kicked by a admin and I don't understand why I don't know if I'm breaking any server rules I wasn't aware of. My Orgin account name is SLAYERBEAST96 and if anyone could help me out by letting me...
  8. IBM38G5Pm8

    Just a thank you to the admins, who actually do their job!

    Many servers claim to have "active admins". Their servers are filled with hackers who go unpunished, ping rates which destroy gameplay and bans which are issued for a multitude of reasons never to be reviewed by anyone. I was so happy to actually receive a response from the TGB admins when I...