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Feb 22, 2021
User name: Pvt_Carney

What is your in-game alias? Pvt_Carney

What is the game server name? ! [TBG] 60HZ | BF2 & BF3 MAPS + SILK | JOIN US -

Which Game is this for? BF4

Date and time approximately: 2/22/2021 @12:50am

Which player are you reporting? Alteredacer

Offense committed Racism and Abuse

Please provide evidence can be anything from circumstantial stuff like screenshots, links to stat pages etc. or hard evidence like Videos. Please view the logs, as Alteredacer was directly harassing me for being an African American. Continuously they would accuse me of things I wasn't doing and threatening to ban me. At first I thought this had been a bot, but soon the true colors came through as they banned me after I mentioned how the user Rony_FPV most likely had seen I was black after searching up my facebook profile and that was why they felt like attacking me. Long and Behold I was banned for "racist trolling", ironic if you ask me. I understand that you may not know how it feels to be targeted because of color, but it truly hurts. I hope the TBG clan doesn't endorse this kind of behavior. Whatever your response is, I hope you live a well and happy life. God Bless.

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Not open for further replies.