1. S

    I banned for asking a question

    Well,i got banned for asking a question "is c word bannable?" They said cake?cookie?cheese? And head admin Tru said still figureing out what c word is so i said what c word mean and i'm even an asian that's why i asked question"is c word bannable" me and my asian friends calling each other...
  2. P

    Reporting a Player

    User name: Pvt_Carney What is your in-game alias? Pvt_Carney What is the game server name? ! [TBG] 60HZ | BF2 & BF3 MAPS + SILK | JOIN US - Which Game is this for? BF4 Date and time approximately: 2/22/2021 @12:50am Which player are you reporting? Alteredacer...
  3. S

    Server of badmin assnoobs

    Fuck you, TBG bastards
  4. sdfasdf a

    Reporting an ADMIN

    Snakebabies is allowing players to camp in uncap. When I posted about it he deleted the post. BADMIN through and through. Some needs to be done about that.