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  • Hey FAST,I have a little problem with a small fuckfacing german child.he was baseraping on bavaria so i take a screenshot like yesterday.i told him that is baserapin and against the rules so he start a big spam chat in german language.i'm a MF,asshole and much more.It's everyday on this time(noobtime?). It is't the first time that he raping but the first that he was spaming like this.He's a fucking rasist(you see this with the 88 in his name). name is WB-Crime Wittenberg88.It's only a game but this was to much.If you can,do something,if you want see the screenshot,PM me.Greetz,Helel.
    yea forsure . send me some details and stuff.
    Ill be on there tmmrw , i went to a school metro and finished at Ymillz .
    last name is Dra____ .. yea man forsure. Come out sometime and i bet ya can get some free drinks at my buddy's club dowtnwon. Send me a email sometime.. I bet you can get it by clickin my account info.

    We shall talk my bud..
    Amazing. I live down at yonge and eglington. You might know a guy name Andy .. I went to HS and Jnr High wiht him. But i got a msg from soulz and he told me to come here anyways. But seems i met a TO dude here aswell
    Hey Buddy.

    Where in Toronto you abouts?? I check out about Members and saw your from TO. Anyways, chat with you soon man. I think you may know a person i know btw it looks on Fbook when i click that link by accident

    Chat soon
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