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  • Hey Mac! How you been? A lot of time has passed since I was last on here. Looks like the clan has grown a ton since then. Anyway, just hopped on here for the heck of it and thought I'd drop you a note. Hope you had a great Christmas! Take care,
    Dang, I was thinking about you about a week ago! DogPen and I were talking about the old 2142 days and I mentioned how you were always the best AFV driver out there. How are things in Brazil, IN? I am now teaching at Muncie Central HS. You need to get BF1, it is quite a blast.
    I got banned ,,, meant to type nub ... i typed nig. i will donate if you lift the ban.. Hit me up
    Hey, look i know ive been a douche bag and triggered the autoban.I this is a sincere apology. im just stupid and made a mistake, . im sure youve made a mistake before and someone gave you a chance before. someone believed in you and they didnt regret it. im just asking for a chance. youve got an awesome server for jet pilots. right now i can only play golmud railway 24/7. please consider my request and thankyou
    Hey there is a hacker on the Insurgency push server right now... I got footage but I dont wanna bother with it if you can just come in and ban. His name is DeadMan
    K K K Fine
    Sicker than your average I am a spammer killer
    Twist I am a spammer’s heads off
    Niggers fucking stink niggers and gayers
    Chicken wing eating players
    Triple K hooligans like Moon Man
    Dead right if they head right
    Fucking your mom every night
    Moon man’s been smooth since days of killing jews
    Never lose
    Never choose to lynch jews who do something to us
    yes very busy she's a full time job :) , not much time to do my stuff but she's health thank God, how about you???
    Maccy! Come on TBG bf2! I want to try get it going again. Fucked off because Panda Nation kick me cause I rape them in the jet
    You'll like sniping. I just went 17-0 conquest with M98B for like 20 ribbons and over 5000 points. You get bonus points when you head shot equal to the distance the shot was made, lotsa points.
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