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    Old montage videos from me :D

    2142 - the best one ever.
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    Another vet here, as is Stabemkillerman, DirtyLex. Which branch?
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    Judging from the issues with our cable/internet I would assume it is the world at large right now.
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    Too Funny

    Yep, all that climate change nonsense should go out the window now. Some, though, are claiming that "the earth is healing itself since manufacturing in China was reduced". WTAF
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    [BF4] Being kicked by PUNKBUSTER

    Post a picture of the kick message, please.
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    Reporting a Player

    Given a three day time out. Let's see if he learns from it.
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    "You have been kicked by Punkbuster"

    Not seeing a ban for you there.
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    "You have been kicked by Punkbuster"

    Which server is this for specifically?
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    Reporting a Player

    Banned. Thanks for the report.
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    Reporting a Player - johnny3tears117

    Banned - thanks.
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    Hope all is well.

    Wow, two names from the past! I hope that both of you do well in the coming year. Good to see you around.
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    Reporting a Player

    Banned. He can come explain himself and his twelve year old antics.
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    Reporting a Player

    Two days away to think of his errors.
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    Reporting a Player

    Done and done.
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    Am i wasting my time?

    Given a two day time out for being on the naughty list.