[BF4] Small and large Battlefield 4 events happening over at Level.gg (with prizes!)


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Jun 8, 2016
Hello TBG community! After speaking briefly with @Matt-aka-FAST over on the Discord and getting their blessing, I'm posting here to share a the Battlefield 4 events I'll be running until the release of Battlefield 2042 in coordination with Level Gaming.

Every other week there will be a competitive daycup starting July 10th. At 1:00 pm ET, teams will compete until only one remains. We'll start off with the standard 8v8 conquest format, but other formats could emerge. Prizes for each cup are TBD but can range from cold, hard cash, to things much more interesting... The first cup will have a $160 prize for first place, and an $80 prize for second! Whether you want to bring you make your own 8v8 team or maybe get something going with the TBG community is up to you!

Once every month there will be a 32v32 showmatch - first match is July 31st, 1:00 pm ET. Organized 32v32s are in Level's blood. With level.gg’s new team drafting system, each showmatch is guaranteed to be a fresh experience with new faces to meet and massive battles to be had! Just sign up and you'll be assigned to a team with leadership already in place. All YOU have to do is play Battlefield and have fun!

Bring your team to the 8v8s:
Bring yourself to the 32v32s:

Sign-ups for both these events are open NOW and to anyone and everyone!

More information on the Level Gaming Discord:

Feel free to reply with question here or via Discord DMs. I'm happy to answer anything related and I hope to see everyone there!


Also, if there's interest in making a 32-person team entirely of TBG members, please tell the TBG staff, and then tell me! A few other communities have expressed similar interest - I'm happy to organize the match and community vs. community 32s are always a blast!


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May 29, 2020
If you guys want to put together a team of 8 im in. I used to esl back in the day. comp are always fun.