battelfield 4

  1. Incarnate

    [BF4] Small and large Battlefield 4 events happening over at (with prizes!)

    Hello TBG community! After speaking briefly with @Matt-aka-FAST over on the Discord and getting their blessing, I'm posting here to share a the Battlefield 4 events I'll be running until the release of Battlefield 2042 in coordination with Level Gaming. Every other week there will be a...
  2. H

    "You have been kicked by Punkbuster"

    Hello, I am not too sure why, but I get this error every time I connect to your BF4 server. After the first time it happened, I exited BF4 and updated my punkbuster client to the most recent version, but it keeps happening as soon as I connect to the server. I've never used racist remarks, but...
  3. I

    Keep getting kick out

    Hi my name is Icerey or Gallie05 on battlefield 4 and recently i keep getting kick out the game for no reason like i don't hack or say insulte in the chat but i keep getting kick out and it say you got kick out by a admin . I just want to know why i get kick and what i did to deserve that . By...