1. Incarnate

    [BF4] Small and large Battlefield 4 events happening over at (with prizes!)

    Hello TBG community! After speaking briefly with @Matt-aka-FAST over on the Discord and getting their blessing, I'm posting here to share a the Battlefield 4 events I'll be running until the release of Battlefield 2042 in coordination with Level Gaming. Every other week there will be a...
  2. Zula

    Need a real head count for this sunday's NAS Event.

    NAS - Week 26 - American Celebration Weekend MAP: Kohat AAS v1 DATE: 07/02/2017 @ 8PM EST SIGN-UPS: -Team 1: FFO (9) -Team 2: TBG (9) -Team 3: AoN (9) -Team 4: T//A (9) -Team 6: RAOR (9) -Team 7: CoG (9) -Team 8: Ops (9) TEAMS: -Team 1 (27/36): FFO (9) - T//A (9) - TBG (9) - CoG (9)...
  3. Zula

    what do you guys think about this competitive circuit?

    "The goal of the Squad International Knockout Tournament is to find the best team in the competitive Squad scene. Format of the match will be 24v24 flex on a predetermined map pool. A flex type tournament signifies that a clan can either bring 24 players or, bring 12 players and form an alliance...