Reporting Players & Bans


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Jan 4, 2019
Hi TBG team
Just wondering what the actually process is for temp banned players . I made a post yesterday regarding a player who was clearly not following rules of raping the uncap - he states that players were firing Stingers from the uncap thus that the reason he attacked jets sitting on the runway set to take off ... No one was firing stingers and the player attacked no less then 7 times - see video here :

The players was informed he was given a 4 day temp banned - yet he is back in the server today. His ban post here :

I am just trying to fully understand how this player can be playing in the server today and not serving his ban time and basically get clarity and figure out were we stand as supporters / potential supporters of TBG . I am happy to provide videos of those breaking the rules and basically making it " not fun " for all

Just trying to understand more clearly

Thanks so much