FREE legit games ( Steam, Orign, etc )


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Aug 2, 2014
If you like Star Wars and fat kids that like cake...(but mostly Star Wars) I'd suggest to view this:

All DLC for Battlefront is free right now, EA is giving out the whole Season Pass for free on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC (Origin)! Links are listed below...

The pass will then be added to your library and can be downloaded whenever you want. Just make sure you have the original game. There is currently no end date mentioned for the promotion but, just in case, grab it as soon as you can because these deals do not last longer than a week or so. If you have yet to explore all the game’s DLC though, now seems the perfect time to do it.

You can claim the Season Pass here (If the links don't work, just search them in your specific store for your platform be it console or PC.)

• Playstation 4 Link:!/en...pass/cid=EP0006-CUSA00634_00-SWBSEASONPASS000

• XBox One:

• PC (Origin)


☛ Currently free on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, as long as you are a PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold member.

☛ A PS Plus account is not required to buy the Season Pass for PlayStation 4, however it is required to play the game on online-multiplayer.