1. Graphic-J

    FREE legit games ( Steam, Console, etc )

    Hey there, I got some free games for you, but of course these are typically very limited time deals. (any current FREE, legit offers that I find, I will post on this thread) You can also post such offers. Just make sure to follow these quick rules for a better experience for all: • No Pirated...
  2. Zula

    Free Weekend coming up + Al Basrah (new map) With the free weekend coming up we'll be seeing a lot of new players, god help us all. just kidding, we should try to help these new players get their bearings to gain their server loyalty
  3. xAnAngelOfDeathx

    Digital Combat Simulator Alpha 2.0 - Free Flight Combat Sim

    I'm curious if anyone has tried DCS and if so what are your thoughts on this sim? I currently don't have a joystick and that is pretty much all that is stopping me from trying it. I have played Warthunder quite a bit and am quite good at flying in that game. I am wondering if mouse (well, a...