balance broken


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Mar 21, 2023
Played in metro server today. several games in a row in a server with 30 plus players. several afk players for the first 3-5 minutes of the game. opposing team already baseraping before even half the team i playing. No idle kick? 30+ players. balance is shit. Server definetly needs a nuke.
Server does have a kick and it’s hardcoded by EA that all ranked servers get booted after 5 mins once certain amount of players reached (approx 14). This cannot be removed unless you move away from official normal mode which we don’t do so this is not correct.
I believe yesterday we witnessed an afker who was afk for 2 rounds straight without being kicked on a full server. So there might be issues with the kick.
AFK is working because its hard coded by DICE in order to run "normal" mode otherwise it will show as "custom". None of our servers show "custom"

If there are in game idlers that arent being kicked, thats because we put them there on purpose for seeding purposes. They eventually get kicked, its all automated.