1. Dethklok AirJerr

    [2142] Battlefield 2142 Still up and Running in 2019

    Come and check out the classic Battlefield 2142. All unlocks to start, BFHQ stats, custom maps from TGW and other clans of the time have been integrated. We get 30-50 players during peak times on weekends. Visit for all the information to play. There is an EU and US...
  2. Dethklok AirJerr

    [2142] Battlefield 2142 V1.51 ALL IN ONE Installer with 1.51 Game, 100 maps, and Game Fix

    Hello Everyone.. We have released an all in 1 installer with the full game patched to V1.51, 100 new maps, and the multiplayer game fix.. Goto for all the links and full information on the community game fix. You can see configurations of all the new maps here...
  3. Dethklok AirJerr

    Battlefield 2142 Reclamation Community Multiplayer Game Fix

    I am just making you all aware that Battlefield 2142 is still up and working on a community game fix... Goto for all the information to play.. 18 New Maps, about to be 50 New Maps.. You can run 1080P HD, rank and unlock requirements are reduced, 6000+ registered soldiers...