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    over 500 hours here. I know how running works baby. I used to have a small flat head that I would wedge in-between buttons so my guy could run while i got a sandwich or drink.
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    We dont catch the smart ones...

    So my brother is in a different field, repossessions. We live near an indian reservation, and it is dam near impossible to repo from off the res. requires the person to give up the car, an escort from tribe pd, and an ok from the tribe to do it... never gonna happen. Our trick was to call...
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    SITREP: Build Progress

    I still laugh that this radiator is so expensive when I could get a far more efficient one for $60: Its aluminum and dual core. Might not...
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    Still waiting to hear the horror stories before I buy this...
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    The Liberals Guide To Guns

    I bought three of those before I could even buy a book.
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    That 16 monitor life style.

    I call BS. We all know you are building a "hydra" for John Travolta
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    omg! can you even imagine?!?!?!

    Heard earlier in the warehouse... "Doug, you just ran over that box with the forklift!" Doug-"Everyone knows cardboard boxes are rated to 9,000 lbs"
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    Thread for Shots Fired posts

    @Soulzz just asked what color you consider the stick the popsicle is on? Does it change color past the hand, and if so, what color is that? :P
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    Government at it's best

    gonna start smuggling the shit outta those
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    We all know who wants to be on this show.

    I fear showing this to my wife. She might get a BOB and never need me again
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    New support! Ana!

    the lore is what keeps you investing into blizzard ;)
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    i AM SELLING MY PAIR OF evga 970 ftwS. LMK if you would like them
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    Been out on vacation. Just got back today. I will see if my wife will allow me to get right...

    Been out on vacation. Just got back today. I will see if my wife will allow me to get right back to the computer tonight
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    Some good news regarding some of the cheating in Overwatch

    Ya, cause its Blizzard. They are pretty good at keeping riff raff out