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    Requesting to join TrueBornGaming

    We reserve the right to do background check on every applicants' history (mostly if they have any prior cheating violations) We also have the right to remove any members if they create problems (drama) within the group. ***FOR THOSE APPLYING FOR COD SERIES. DO NOT. YOU WERE GIVEN FALSE...
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    Battlefield 4 System Requirements

    I can't tell if it's a joke or not, but on the other hand, I found this link which seems pretty legit. Battlefield 4 system requirements p.s. I hope someone has the real system requirements..
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    Battlefield 4 System Requirements

    I'm not sure if this is official but, "battlefield" posted this on their facebook page not too long ago. Win 8 is a complete joke IMHO.
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    BF4 beta access

    Sweet! Can't wait for BF4 anymore. I'm getting more stoked as the time gets closer.
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    Really EA?

    be rest assured...the second arma 3 comes out, bf3 is gonna die out for a min. haha.
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    If this doesn't make you laugh, I don't know what will.

    I can't stop laughing at how miserable this is. HAHAHAHAHAHA
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    Best Alarm Clock Ever
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    Man Jumps from Space

    bump! 1 hr to go..
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    Man Jumps from Space

    You guy's don't want to miss this! Red Bull Stratos - YouTube
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    BF4 Wish List

    I thought this would be good to share with you all. Personally, I think they shouldn't release it due to the fact that bf3 is still buggy after a year of release. discuss... BF4 Wish
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    What in the fuck, My name is taken?

    haha, the names taken cause your already using it.
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    shooting at 12:00 in the morning last night

    full video here RAW VIDEO: Full court appearance of James Holmes | Video | this guy deserves death penalty!
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    BF3 EXPANSION packs !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    does this mean we get a new knife too? I'd like to have my old knife back instead of the one i'm using now. I hate this razor
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    C'mon! show me the

    hoefax! LOL!
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    BF3 Cheat Detector

    sup guys! hope all is good. I tried clicking on the bf3 cheat detector, nothing happend. I started using this cause keeps going down. hopefully, this will help you guys. BF3 :)