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  1. BHawkeye31

    BHawkeye31 Registered User Registered User

    Apr 3, 2015
    I'm just trying to figure out why I have been kicked/banned from your server. I have done nothing wrong and received no explanation. I've been playing on your server for prob over a year now without issue. My in game name is MidniteToker. Always had lots of fun and didn't think I was causing any problems. Had a little in game conversation with one of your members the other night....Alter..something? Said I was spawn camping. That was not the case. I have continuously observed members of TBG ucaving, using AA and sniping from their own base. I always stay in bounds and play within the rules. I was playing last night on Caspian Border, flew a jet from my base and bailed out between B and A flag. Headed towards A flag and threw a couple mines on the road along the way. Got close to A, shot a couple people at A and then got shot myself. Saw somebody type something about I can't aim and then I was kicked. I have this all on video if you need to see it. Look, bottom line is this....it's your server...do what you want. If you're going to ban me for something....at least tell me what I've done wrong. This place used to be tons of fun until it turned into UCAV wars from bases anyway.
  2. Alteredacer

    Alteredacer Registered User Registered User

    Jul 11, 2015
    Near Jacksonville FL
    We have you on multiple occasions waiting on the edge of the the uncap firing at soliders leaving the uncap, thus entering the field of play. This is spawn camping or base rape which isn't allowed on our servers.

    Several admins have killed and kicked you in attempt to get your attention. I tried to talk to you about this issue this past weekend, and you ignored me saying "I was in bounds", but you were firing into uncap at those not firing at you.

    There isn't anything our against our rules about firing from the uncap, if they fire out -enemy can fire in. You fire at anyone running out or in jeeps, who are intent on entering the field of play.
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  3. DogPen

    DogPen Registered User Registered User

    Feb 27, 2010
  4. Irishian88J

    Irishian88J Ban Manager Head Admin

    Mar 28, 2015
    United States United States
    @Alteredacer is correct. We have warned you MULTIPLE times over the last few months about you camping the uncaps. And every time you ignore us. We finally decided to take action. Moreover, you will never find one of us camping in the Uncap. We are always in the playing field where anyone can get us. And yes we do UCAV. We greatly enjoy it, but we always play fair.

    Fill out the ban appeal and we will go from there.


    *Edit* I was the banning Admin for this decision.
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  5. Iguanidon

    Iguanidon BANNED BANNED

    Nov 8, 2012
    United States United States
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