The transition to Discord.

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    This week we will be making a soft transition to Discord. Teamspeak will continue to run with no license (32 slot limit) until the end of the year.

    As soon as tomorrow there will be a Discord widget on the front page. We already have a Discord plugin installed on the website. If you associate your discord account with your Xenforo profile it will automatically assign you a role. Discord Integration can be found in the external accounts menu of Xenforo or here

    The teamspeak server will soon display a message upon login to notify they while it is still available we are making the transition. Come sometime in December this will be less friendly up until the point of terminating the server itself.

    Should we find an issue with the transition before the end of the year we will probably not go forward with it. Consider December the trial run. We do have some things to deal with. Discord does not have the concept of server passwords. While the control is supposed to be done with a combination of invite links and restricting the everyone group to not be able to do anything. I currently believe a knowledgeable person such as myself has the ability to generate invite links to any server despite how the system is designed. The @everyone group having no permissions is the catch all to such an issue. However I don't feel as it is there is an easy way to handle the request and promotion of applying users. It is something we will play with in the coming days.
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