the new guy


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Jul 18, 2020
thank you, thank you, thank you :)

Nice to meet everyone. My name is John, just your typical loud mouth gamer that loves to win and hates to lose. I've played with quite a few ppl in here already. I'm 32, live in the great state of Texas! Operations manager at a hospital, always down to game when not at work. Few of my hobbies are bowling (19 years of that), love to go swimming at the lake as long as i have a cold beer nearby, play pool (if this covid nonsense would let a bar open)

Put in an application to join last week sometime. Just enjoy actually having someone to talk with playing and actually wants to play as a team! I'm decent at infantry, hate tanks but i will gun and rep for you all day, cant fly a plane to save my life (damn lockons, kill me now) before getting in discord I played a lot of infy only server (p.s. i miss pearl market 24/7) but now I will tag along in all maps, air/sea and locker server (no metro here :rolleyes:)
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