Suggestion for in-game chat descriptions of kills with special weapons


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May 6, 2021

Unlike other servers, TBG adds descriptions of in-game actions with special weapons. I'm grateful for that.

I'd like to offer a quick structure model for future changes:

[player 1] [action] [player 2] [weapon]
Player 1 performs the action
Description of the action (edgy verb, ie. current repair tool example)
Player 2 receives the action
Weapon used

One line if possible (current C4 example), two at most.

I think it is especially important to keep the player's name performing the action in front to visually credit him or her for the action.
For example, in my particular case on Locker, it adds to the fun when I kill 5 people in a row with claymores and my name shows up 5 times in a row in the chat.

This is my example, but I also speak for players who use other weapons such as C4, flying objects, knives, defb or the repair tool.

With the current descriptions, the player's name performing the action is lost in a string of text most people won't read after the first one.

I think this structure would improve legibility and make the chat better.

Let me know what you think.