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Dec 9, 2018

I really think that the balance/fun on the Naval 24/7 server would benefit if changed to US vs US. On Nansha Strike, Lost Islands, Paracel Storm, Hainan Resort and Operation Mortar (MAA on Lancang Dam is too strong, Wavebreaker has no jets) one good jet pilot can literally carry the game if their team are even semi-competent when it comes to holding flags. A high flight ceiling and virtually no cover for boats/land vehicles/infantry/maa enable a good pilot in the attack jet to farm with ease if unchecked by an enemy pilot around the same skill level... At least that should be the case in my opinion.

The problem is that the US pilots always have an advantage because of the inconsistencies between the J-20 and the F-35. The F-35 is much smaller, meaning it's harder to shoot at, forcing you to get even better angles in a dogfight which is already hard enough because the F-35 turns much tighter than the J-20. Consequently, in a dogfight between two equally skilled pilots (or even if the pilot in the F-35 is worse than the pilot in the J-20 to an extent) the F-35 will always come out on top. With the J-20 down, the F-35 can clear the sky and help its attack jet clean up the ground, racking up a lot of kills in the process.

I think that this change would make the fight for the sky, which has a huge impact on the map, much more balanced. In addition to this, US vs US would also balance scout helis and boats (I don't think these differences influence the balance of the game as much as jets, but I'm sure it would be nice for those players to be on even footing with their enemies).

As a side question, I found this thread when I was looking to see if US vs US servers had been requested before. As those servers are no longer US vs US, I was wondering why they were reverted?

Thanks for reading.

(TLDR: US vs US makes the fight for the sky much more balanced which has a huge influence on the rest of the game for most maps on the naval server.)
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