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Discussion in 'Players to watch out for' started by zer0v3locity, Aug 12, 2017.

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    Please fill out as much information as possible.

    What is the game server name?** ## CONQUEST ALL MAPS | NO LAG | TBGCLAN.COM ##

    Which Game is this for?** Battlefield 3

    Date/time:** 8/12/2017

    Would be helpful to indicate the time. 1:10am

    Player's name** -pdw-arcanjo

    Offense committed: DMG MOD AIMBOT

    Steam ID:

    Evidence can be anything from Circumstantial stuff like screenshots, links to stat pages etc. or hard evidence like Videos.

    Evidence: Constant 1 shots, even out of the plane.

    went 99-6

    Everyshot from the lav was a 1 shot.

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    Thank you for the report. We are looking into it. If possible in the future post video.

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