Please remove Metro from votemap (BF3 All Maps)


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Aug 25, 2020
Please consider removing Metro from the maplist of the TBG ALL MAPS BF3 server.

Why? TBG has a 24/7 METRO ONLY BF3 server. It's a popular server and it's not uncommon to see it populated when ALL MAPS has nobody playing. If people want to play Metro, they have the option to do so at any time by joining a TBG's dedicated METRO ONLY server.

Metro rarely wins the map vote on ALL MAPS but that's not the issue. The main issue is that having Metro on the maplist essentially reduces the number of options you're given to vote on. Because Metro fans are on METRO ONLY, when Metro is in votemap options, it gets very few votes. But that voting option could have been a different map! A map that ALL MAPS players prefer. By removing Metro from the maplist, you're giving players more voting options.

probably terribly explained...

TLDR: Metro has its own dedicated 24/7 server (run by TBG). Remove Metro from the maplist for TBG ALL MAPS to stop wasting 1 of the 4 vote options (since Metro rarely gets any votes as Metro fans are on METRO ONLY).


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Feb 4, 2021
Totally agree with this request...
And i don´t think metro "rarely" wins, actually the opposite, some people does it to annoy others, specially losing team or simply trolls, because yestarday my team was winning and the next map vote, metro was voted only once, and as soon as i said "pls dont vote metro", someone from the enemy team said "ok metro then" and chatlog showed metro was voted at least 5 or 6 times more...LOL
Since there is a dedicated server, why keep it in the all map server?