I'm back!


Jan 29, 2018
Hey TBG I'm back! Some of you might be thinking..."Who are you?"..well I was once a TBG recruit back in 2018?..for Squad however, I lived in a place that had Internet that was..well not really Internet. DL speeds were 0.32Kb/s Upload was 0.12Kb/s and I had a 10GB data limit..that's basically FIVE 720p Videos and maybe..8 hours playing a MMORPG like WoW or Runescape. So I couldn't really stick around. Well since then I've moved across the country and I'm currently living in Florida..paying for much faster speeds (720MB Down, 25-30 UP....upload is kinda ehhh)
Got myself a Fiance and 2 dogs in a 2 bedroom apartment..so yeah some major changes to little ol Knox's life.

Little bit a bout gaming and my current J.O.B

T'was 1999, I was 6 years old and I had a "New" HP Desktop. I sat down and watched my Older brother play this really cool space RTS game called "StarCraft" I had no idea what it was or how to play, but I asked him if I could play. He said sure and I jumped in as Terran and I was brown, Mined some Minerals and created 2 marines...this was at the..4 minute mark? I got killed by a Teal protoss with 6 or 7 zealots. I was hooked Then one year later I started Diablo, the O.G. 1996 Diablo. I didn't get too far and then that PC died and I didn't get back into PC gaming until I was 12 or so, with RuneScape and StarCraft Again. Then I played on some shitty laptop and eventually saved up money to build my own PC in 2014. I know, yeeearrss later. Hopped into some BF3 then BF4, didn't rank up too much. Mostly played CS:S since 2009.

What I do for work..

Well I'm a CMT (Construction Materials Testing) Field Technician. I test Concrete while it's being poured on Job Sites and I test soils for compaction using a Nuclear Moisture Density Gauge (yes, it's actually nuclear). soils need to meet project specifications for compaction in order for literally EVERYTHING to be built. Plumbing, forms, footers, electrical, building slabs and so on..

Concrete is after the fact..anywhere from 10cyd pours to 2,600 cyd (The largest I've been on so far). everything in between and how I do it...is pretty boring, but feel free to look it up on YouTube to see exactly what I do ;)