Hello I am VesseloValhalla


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Feb 28, 2021
Sup everyone my tag is VesseloValhalla im a casual/competive gamer, i am 26 and i enjoy cars, guns, games and spending time with my family. I have played battlefield 4 since release started on xbox 360 then moved to xbox one, and now to PC. I am still new to the PC world i have only had my setup for about 2 months so still getting use to MnK but i am getting the hang of it. Back on xbox 360 i was in the top 10 in the world for the an94 and the phantom bow i ran with teams such as ATR and FALLEN ANGELS they was 2 of the biggest known on xbox back then played ESL scrims and what not had loads of fun. Now that im back on the game on PC it feel all new to me kinda i guess cus its a new platform but im having alot of fun and enjoying the TBG servers played with a few of the team yesterday and had a blast talked with them in discord. I do use discord chats alot i belive coms are super important and will always be typing or givinf callouts if possible sorry thats my competitive side. Currently when im not playing games i work as a manager of a pawn shop love my job and have a lot of free time so if yall ever need to get ahold of me should be able to as i spend most of my work day on my phone in a rolly chair. Thanks for letting me give some info about myself and hope i get to play with all of you soon o7 #TBGr #TBGCLAN