Clarification on what is "glitching" on BF4


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Jan 6, 2024
Hello Admins, can I get some rule clarification?

Per rule: 2. Glitching. Whether it be into ceilings, Under the map or into areas that you are not supposed to get to. If it was not intended by Dice at release then it should not be done. If you see another player abusing these glitches please obtain video evidence and submit it as a report on our forums or on our discord.

However, C4 boost of jet ski or ATV, or even MRAP, is quite popular and even featured in DICE's promo trailer for 2042. During one of the game on the BF4 Rush server, bunch of folks got into a discourse on whether if this is permitted. It was civil but inconclusive. I have done this myself and witnessed plenty of times other done it on the same server and never had a warning or banning to my knowledge.

Can the admin clarify this and perhaps add some language in the offical rule post?
Don't forget to call me out if I was wrong.
As far as I can remember we have just issued a blanket ban on C4 launching in general as in most cases the use of it has lead to players getting into spots with unfair advantage, Glitched areas that you would not be able to get to.

Yes DICE launched a ww2 German car into a Condor. Although it doesn't actually work in 2042 cus they killed c4 launching. Its just something we don't allow here.

I can add in a clarification saying so if you'd like.
Ok, thanks.

and yes, if you add the language that says "no C4 or explosive launch of any vehicle" in the official server rule that would help.
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