BF4 - BF2 and BF3 Maps Conquest Server


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Mar 4, 2020
I read in another post that the BF4 servers are having trouble because of attacks.

Does this mean they are not showing in the server search and thus not populating?

Is there anything we could do to help fix this?
Nothing you could to fix it. For our servers, it was addressed and it is resolved as much as it can be.

As long as it stays this way, nothing more to share.
What @Matt-aka-FAST is trying to say is. Please continue to support our servers by playing on them and helping to seed ( fill ) the servers if you see them having trouble starting a round.
I think you have to be in the game to remind that a DDoS attack may occur, When a DDoS attack occurs, let them know the server status through Battlelog and return to the server.

If you guys can offer rewards for filling server slots in a short amount of time, For example, let the server slot refill to more than 40 to get 1 day free VIP, As long as you can fully inform in the game, I think many people will be interested in participating.

For DDoS attacks, these guys won't stop.