1. IgnoreMyName

    Requesting BF4 servers be either US v US or Rus/China vs Rus/China

    Depending on the map (and dlc) one team can get an instant advantage over the other depending on what country they're fighting for. If 32 players were cloned and put on opposing teams, being on the Rus/China team on Golmund would give the advantage to them whereas being on the US team on Hainan...
  2. S

    Suggestions/feedback on "TDM / INFANTRY |NO LAG|" Server

    so I've been playing on this server for a a little bit and I have a couple suggestions to make the server more engaging. The first is the team ticket count.. its a little high.. it used to be at 400 but someone dropped it down to 150. Thank you for that. Still pretty long though, because it...