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    Getting kicked in the Air & Water server

    Just wondering why i keep getting kicked, if its something i did please let me know. Its not HC so i didn't TK, maybe i killed an admin and he got poopoo in his pants. Just let me know
  2. I

    [BF4] Kicked by PunkBuster only in TBG Metro Map.

    Hello Mods/Admin, I have been active in your Metro 2014 server and really enjoy playing there. I am not sure why I get kicked everytime I join the server. However, I do not have any issues in other BF4 servers. I have tried re-pairing Punkbuster, firewall is okay and I have windows defender...
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    Keep getting kicked from AIR MAPS NO LAG for seemingly no reason.

    Lately I keep getting kicked by an admin for seemingly no reason in Battlefield 4. The server is AIR MAPS NO LAG. I'm not sure if I've been breaking the rules somehow...? I've literally just been playing the game normally and then suddenly get kicked. I just wanna be able to play a full game...
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    Keep getting kick out

    Hi my name is Icerey or Gallie05 on battlefield 4 and recently i keep getting kick out the game for no reason like i don't hack or say insulte in the chat but i keep getting kick out and it say you got kick out by a admin . I just want to know why i get kick and what i did to deserve that . By...
  5. D

    Constantly kicked from game

    I was disregarding game rules (saying inappropriate comments in chat) and an admin kicked me. He kept on kicking me and told me that I would get banned if I came back again. I apologized but he didn't care. Please help. This is my apology.