1. B

    BF3 server with DLCs rotation?

    Are there any chances of the BF3 server getting a DLC rotation? I complained about it yesterday when i saw an admin online on the gamechat, and he said it wouldn't be a good idea, because of the lack of premium players out there. But on saturdays there is this rush server that is always full and...
  2. NeraxNL_1

    [BF4] All rush maps, not using DLC maps

    To preface this i have been playing on your rush all maps server for the last 100 ish hours and i love the community on it. but for the majority the voting and the map changes are almost only classic maps and they are starting to get a bit boring. atleast for the last 2-3 days of play it has...
  3. ScottishBattleAxe

    [BF3] DLC on BF3 server?

    Has there been any discussion/requests to have DLC maps put on the BF3 server? I'd love that to happen and will happily donate/bribe who I need to :)
  4. shehtazruslan

    DLCs on the Rush Server

    Hey guys...what about putting the DLCs back on the rush server. Since you guys took it off we all miss it dearly and if you put the DLCs back on we'll try our best to seed it and try to get it going :)
  5. S

    Add DLC To BF3 All Maps Server?

    Hello, I play on your servers a lot, mostly your BF4 ones though. BF3 is sadly dying on PC, with just a hand full of server left, and very few people to play on those servers. I've really been getting the urge to go back and play the DLC after watching some YouTube videos and I'd really like to...