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    Question on rules for swearing ect.

    So I got banned from a BF4 for saying a specific word I'm not going to repeat here but I just wanted to know. WHY BAN FOR CURSING? I am not trying to be an asshole about it I'm just curious has something happend in the past? I just would like a reason as to why someone would get banned for...
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    Why are bans perma?

    Hello, I was just wondering why Bans (referring to BF4 ethnic slurs) are permanent and not, say, two years long? People can definitely change over that time and I can't think of a reason for the ban to be permanent
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    reporting a player

    i would like to report an player there name is hackusationNoob i checked his stats and will post them here as well but he went 72 kills one death in a round with 243 of there tickets remaining on your conquest all server...