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    Pilot sniped from attack plane

    Best seven seconds of my life, nice shot !
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    Unkownplayer's Battlegrounds

    Me neither I join solo's just to get the kills. A few wins on duos/squads, not playing squad anymore apparently the mindset of few players/streamers is that "you qued as a solo, so you aren't welcome". Yet here i'm thinking " I wonder what that matchmaking feature is" Grats on the solo @Avery78
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    When you're going through a tough time and need something to cheer you up.

    Came here to cheer me up a bit, instead got a hard on.
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    [H1Z1] Free Skins! [Tac Helm, Shirt, MACHETE]

    Good chance that promotion is not available anymore. Sorry bud. If it is then you will need to go sign up get promo code then just head into account settings on the H1Z1 website and enter the code you got from imperium.
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    Road to the 'Chicken Dinner' in PUBG

    Nice got lucky on those last two :) Finally won my first game the other day. Keep fraggin boys
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    Streamer Win a PUBG Without Recording a Kill

    Nice, I been in top 10 a few times and been in 2nd place a few. One day I will day
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    Unkownplayer's Battlegrounds

    Depends on what they plan on adding in the game in the future. This battle royale is a definite upgrade from H1Z1's br, and it is grabbing the streamers attention big time. I would prefer a first person honestly but I hear they will add that in, so hopefully matches are restricted to one or the...
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    Unkownplayer's Battlegrounds

    Gotta love that map <3
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    Unkownplayer's Battlegrounds

    Yeah If anyone liked H1Z1 Koth it is basically that but better. Guns have customization, cool clothing, the map itself is also worth mentioning. I'd have to wait for a sale one can only tolerate so many EA games.
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    Free Weekend coming up + Al Basrah (new map)

    Saw some footage of the map looks good, saw one major issue but hopefully it won't be so bad with a decent squad or two.
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    Pressure cookers?

    Honestly from the ones I have which were both basic slow cookers with low/med/high settings nothing fancy, one locks the lid in place, the other was just a regular lid which works fine for stews. Far as size goes 10qt is great or however you see fit. I would look for counter top pressure...
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    Free Weekend coming up + Al Basrah (new map)

    Just heard about this, can't wait to try this map.
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    Reporting a player

    Yes this is true, however one can still intentionally tk without setting it off. In my case he got in front of me at first flag capture and as I turned or moved to another spot, he stepped right in front of me again. When I responded to him he threw a few insults my way and eventually it led to...
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    Reporting a player

    Just keep an eye out on him, seems like it wasn't his first time.
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    Reporting a player

    User Name sylca024 Please fill out as much information as possible. What is the game server name?** TBG-NoLag Which Game is this for?** SQUAD Date/time:** 3/20/17 2:15pm Would be helpful to indicate the time. 2:15 Player's name** Ghost Offense committed: TK Steam ID...