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    Server Seeding Rules

    Anyone with a TBGr is not a admin. The seeding rules are pretty simple, fight over middle cap point and don't dig HABS. We mostly have a great time seeding as we get to build massive fobs and do stupid stuff.
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    Leaving TBG and Gaming

    your fob legacy will be unmatched. hope to see you in the future and always do whats best for yourself.
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    Ubiquiti/Unifi product line

    I 100% agree with you. super easy to setup and install. i setup 2 sites, one using the USG, a UBNT POE switch, and AP. the other with the security gateway pro, and AP. i have also used their Nanobeam AC for temporary use when we have had fiber broken between two towers. that was also super...
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    Reporting a Player

    @resyled I have been in somewhat of a similar situation, where i was getting tagged by the enemy tank and could not find out where he was. I did some digging and messed with some settings in game which allowed for better viewing distance on tanks (especially for Tallil Outskirts). If you adjust...
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    Requesting to join TrueBornGaming

    We reserve the right to do background check on every applicants' history (mostly if they have any prior cheating violations) We also have the right to remove any members if they create problems (drama) within the group. ***FOR THOSE APPLYING FOR COD SERIES. DO NOT. YOU WERE GIVEN FALSE...