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    Wi-Fi Modem/router

    As long as it work better than this one it doesn’t have to be an all in one
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    Wi-Fi Modem/router

    Looking for something better than what my cable company provides. We do a lot of streaming and the one I have cuts outs a lot when to many thing are on. Any recommendations thanks
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    My meat

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    My meat

    Testing the new smoker 2 pork shoulders going in tonight ps sorry didn’t mean to tease soulzz with the title or did I hmmm
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    Pulled the trigger

    Test run small prime rib
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    Pulled the trigger

    Takes a lot of work to keep that green stuff green
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    Pulled the trigger

    Yes cow and pig bodies
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    Pulled the trigger

    Pulled the trigger on a Traeger
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    Need some RAM help fellas

    I heard Sixer is really good at ramming are was that rimming
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    Damn I misread this I thought it said femdom
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    Battlefield V

    I’m going back to playing Combat on my Atari
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    Heckle Sgtdeadred about his build

    Zappy is alive !!!!!
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    New Senior Admin

    Does this mean you have old man balls? Congrats