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    Report a server which is impersonating your server's name

    Freaking wannabe's! This reminds me of the time a website copied the TBG format, down to the former banner you guys used if I remember right.
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    Thread for Shots Fired posts

    someone had to say it
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    World War 3 NDA has been lifted. New Gameplay/Map and my Impressions

    How many people to a squad and how many squads in a team? What are the most amount of players in a round? I'm trying to get a feel like is it 16 vs 16, 32 vs 32, 200 vs 200 or what haha
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    BF2/BF3 Server - change it up?

    doesn't SAS have a server to do that in?
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    Real Life

    I know this sounds silly, but it helped me because during a Windows 10 Update I was trying to maintain the privacy still left, so I unknowingly turned off access to my microphone for all apps! I think it's the way the question was worded, by Windows, but anyways to check and hopefully fix your...
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    Battlefield V Closed Alpha

    @amarua and I have discussed, as I'm sure some of you have as well, that when DICE/EA is about to release a new game, the old ones suspiciously cease to work, or lag more. we think it's an incentive developers use to tell us end users aka customers that it's A) time to upgrade our PC and B) time...
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    Battlefield V Closed Alpha

    wow they re-used Irish from BF4 for the British Assault. I'm actually glad to see Irish again but that will not justify me buying another DICE/EA game anytime soon. As far as the closed alpha, I'm signed up for the "Game Tester Program" is that all one person needs to do to get a code? I checked...
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    Real Life

    may God bless you in your decision, ya video games are fun but they don't pay the bills for most of us haha, sure some are pro like in Overwatch and get paid $50,000 a year, as a minimal salary + benefits, even if they have zero wins like the Shanghai Dragons......the crazy thing is it costs a...
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    'World War 3' Trailer from Farm 51

    Nice find Graphi! This is what "Battlefield" Hardline should have been, with tanks instead of a Police Van you just drive around the map in order to level up, so challenging :rolleyes: ya World War 3 grabs my attention more than BF V.
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    Reporting a player

    just updating that he banned himself typing the n-word
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    Reporting a player

    User Name MEX_cuz_I_CAN Please fill out as much information as possible. What is the game server name?** MrRokNRoll Which Game is this for?** Battlefield 4 Date/time:** May 6, 2018 Would be helpful to indicate the time. 3:18 pm (PST) Player's name** MrRokNRoll Offense...
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    sitting on yo ass

    the thing I got out of this post is get off your ass, and I will do the same because smoking tobaccy is senseless, so is sitting around
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    sitting on yo ass

    confirmed, sixer leans back like a cholo