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    Do you own Battlefield 2042?

    I didn't care for the asthetic of BF1 or V so I didn't feel the great disappoint I know people are feeling. I am excited for 2042, it's got potential to be great, but historically could flop.
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    Do you own Battlefield 2042?

    Hell ya! Glad to hear it.
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    Do you own Battlefield 2042?

    Hey everyone, Curious where the stance is on Battlefield 2042, who has it, who isn't getting it, etc.
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    BF2042 Portal Set-up (BLOG POST)

    you have suggested a crazy game mode that we are for sure going to set up.
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    Just came to say hi

    Hello! What do create for YouTube?
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    Application to Join True Born Gaming

    Your age? 32 The ALIAS you use regularly and PLEASE include your FIRST NAME xxxGeneralTso Your STEAM ID (If applicable) General_Tso Discord User Name General Tso#5035 What game or games would you like to represent TBG? Battlefield4 and Battlefield 2042 What TBG server(s) do you...